Bc. Aleš Kocián was born in 1976 in Havířov, Czech Republic.  After graduating high school he studied sinology on Philosophical Faculty of Charles University in Prague for two years. In 2000 he graduated from physiotherapy on III. Medical Faculty of Charles University. His intense physiotherapy practise led him to start studying Chinese Medicine in 2008. In 2012 he graduated from acupuncture on the 1. School of Chinese Medicine in Prague. Same year started his passion for Shen/Hammer Pulse Diagnosis thanks to his dear teachers Sybill Huessen and Scott Tower. In 2016 he was certified as an Assistant Teacher of Shen/Hammer System.

Currently he runs his small Chinese Medicine and physiotherapy practise in his hometown of Havířov and teaches Pulse Diagnosis and acupuncture on 1. School of Chinese Medicine in Prague.