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3-6-Tages-Shen-Hammer-Pulse Seminar bei Oxrideracademy in Schijndel, Niederlande

mit Sybill Huessen, Christoph Goette, Sebastian Kütter

23.09.22    -        25.09.22 (Modul A)

10.02.23    -        12.02.23 (Modul B + "Advanced Kurs")

The seminar will be a multilevel learning experience. As an advanced learner, you are invited to join this group of students of basic learners if you have been exposed to information taught in Module A-B-C (+D). Perhaps you have worked with Shen-Hammer pulse diagnosis for a while and you would like to revisit what you have learned, dive in deeper or you have specific questions to gain additional insight. Or you have discovered that you are most comfortable with the entire pulse as your clinical format.

We will discuss and address your personal questions about pulse qualities and pulse positions by way of hands-on feedback, repetition as well as learning by doing. The focus of the weekend will be to guide you toward writing up your own pulse picture in order to integrate that information into clinical practice in terms of strategy and treatment.

The most overwhelming question that can come up when feeling the pulse is the following:

“What do I do with all the information and how do I figure out the essence of the pulse without losing focus?” 

Our aim is to deduct the main messages from the pulse while working with real live patients and to figure out together how to clinically apply that information. 

By partially working in small groups, it will be possible to address all kinds of questions and guide you through individual insecurities navigating the pulse.

In addition, we will share some of the novelties and unusual pulse findings that we have come across during the past three years.

Sprache: Englisch (Der theoretische Teil wird in Englisch unterrichtet), Niederländisch, Deutsch



6-Tages-Shen-Hammer-Pulse Seminar bei 1. skola tradien cinské medicinv – TCM in Prag

mit Ales Kocian

28.10.22    -        30.10.22

02.12.22    -        04.12.21

Sprache: Tschechisch



9-Tages-Shen-Hammer-Pulse Seminar in Lund, Sweden

mit Claus Sorensen

03.03.23      -        05.03.23

31.03.23    -        02.04.23

05.5.23      -        07.05.23

Sprache: Englisch




3-Tages-Shen-Hammer-Pulse Seminar (Level B) bei Chiway in Winterthur, Schweiz

mit Claus Sorensen

28.04.23    -        30.04.23

Sprache: Englisch