Sebastian Kütter, HP

Sebastian Kütter (HP) started to study Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in 2007 in a three year course followed by a two year course in Chinese Pharmacology. Both training programs took place at one of the six AGTCM-certified schools for Chinese Medicine in Wuppertal, Germany. He was awarded Diplomas from the AGTCM (German Association for Chinese Medicine) both in Acupuncture, as well as in Chinese Herbal Medicine.

In 2008, he started to study Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis during the 3 year Acupuncture course in Wuppertal with Sybill Huessen. After successful completion, he followed an intensive course in CCPD in 2010. Since 2011, he has been assisting Sybill in numerous basic as well as intermediate CCPD classes in Germany and in the Netherlands. In 2020 he became a Certified Instructor in CCPD.


Sebastian presently works in private practice for Chinese Medicine in Leichlingen, Germany. He also teaches Chinese Medicine and Shen Hammer Pulse Diagnosis Basic Seminars within the curriculum of an Acupuncture school. He has a background in biomedical medicine and has been working as a nurse in the gastroenterology, general- and thorax surgery department of a larger hospital near Cologne from 2004 until 2015.